Medpack consulting services Limited is a diversified healthcare online platform that offers a range of Healthcare products and services, such as HMO plans, diagnostics/ corporate screenings, medical/hospital equipments, Gym services, corporate wellness programs, corporate healthcare advisory services etc. Shopping on our platform enables you have access to a variety of services at the same time , this gives you a robust view and an opportunity to make informed decisions. Note that you do not shop blindly here, our customer support system guarantees free professional guide in areas such as cost analysis, benefits analysis, negotiations and provide advocacy where necessary. To deliver on our promise, which is quality service we have partnered with reputable and reliable Health management organizations, that are duly registered with the regulatory body - NHIS. We have decided to commence our operations with a handful of these companies for the purpose of ensuring we deliver guaranteed quality care and services to you at competitive rates. Most healthcare consumers are left alone in their quest for service and quality, we will provide advocacy support to our clients to ensure peace of mind. There are a host of important areas today’s healthcare consumers must pay detailed attention to before settling to choose a particular service provider, especially in Nigeria. Corporates and even individuals must ensure the service provider has a health & wellness culture in mind, with this kind of approach your service provider is able to support you during your utilization. Service providers who focus on health & wellness would not just wait for your staff to keep going to Hospitals, rather they would provide preventive initiatives to support your workforce such as screenings that can help figure out early diagnosis, forward looking HMO’s should also provide some room for fitness cover on their health plans for the sole purpose of promoting health, wellness and wellbeing. This usually may come at an additional minimal cost to the payer. Medpack is the go to consulting firm who can help you actualize your dreams of enjoying or maximizing your Health plan, we combine passion and years of experience with flexibility to deliver quality. We support you with managing your Healthcare Budget, ensuring that we work with your corporate goals. There are also specific areas to consider before choosing a health plan, not all low budget plans are smart and not all huge budget plans are fantastic. Cost of a health plan should not be the basis for judgment, rather the approach should be that consumers are able to get quality, based on their budget, i.e based on affordability a forward looking service provider should be able to offer a meaningful package to meet the client’s needs. MEDPACK helps you with a complete analysis of what you exactly need, it is possible to choose plans that seem great but in the end such plans do not address the needs of your staff and dependants to a reasonable percentage, these kinds of plans can be avoided when you choose Medpack consulting services. We have a diagnostics platform where clients can schedule appointments for investigations, such as CT scan, MRI scan etc. Other corporate screenings such as pre-employment, drivers screening, food handler’s screenings, wellness & preventive screening. Medpack International platform gives access to quality international cover plus local cover all on same plan, i.e you can be on a plan that covers you whilst here in Nigeria and also when you travel outside Nigeria. Our key partners for this service are Avon International and THT Liberty blue international. Our Gym & fitness services are arranged In such a way that you enjoy huge discounts when you subscribe through Medpack, it’s not a one size fits all, we work around it on a case by case basis, however we are able to customize corporate packages only. Medical equipments are also sold on our platform, we have sellers who showcase their products and competitive rates and also provide great delivery services to customers. This platform is coming up soon. All Health plans usually have excluded services, i.e. benefits that the service provider would not be paying for or covering. They vary from one service provider to another, Healthcare consumers should be mindful of plans with too many exclusions when selecting a health plan. However it is pertinent to note that you may not get any service provider with no exclusions at all. Medpack is positioned to support you with all major excluded cases, our flagship partnering Hospital CORNELL Health services is well equipped to manage all exclusions for our clients. Medpack consulting services Limited has below listed specialties/specialists on our network; General Surgeon, paediatric surgeon, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Oncology, Ear, Nose and throat, Haematology, Hepatology, Orthopaedic, Traumatologists, Gastroenteriologist, Endocrinologist, Cardiologist, Physician, Dental surgeon, Maxilla-facial surgeons, Plastic Surgeons, Cardiothoracic surgeon, Nephrologist, etc. Our exclusion management scheme is open to corporate clients only, to enable us manage effectively.